Do you want to make money and be an Uber driver? If you would like to drive Uber but do not have a vehicle to do this, we can help! We can assist in getting you in a car and help in setting up your Uber driver account.


What Does It Mean To Drive Uber?

Uber is an app where passengers can request rides to travel from destination to destination. Driver’s receive the requests on their smartphone and take passengers from point A to point B for a fee. There are many people in the US who earn money driving, whether it is in a truck, bus, taxi, chauffer, or limo driver. Unlike many of these other driving jobs, Uber driving allows you to et their own schedule. What’s an Uber driver? It’s a professional driver who makes their own schedule and is essentially their own boss!


How Much Do Uber Driver’s Earn?

According to Uber’s website, the average earnings per hour for Uber drivers is $19.04 in the US. Compared to all other segments of the driving population, Uber driving pays higher per hour. Be an Uber driver and earn more!

What License Is Required?

A CDL or Commercial Driver’s License is not required to get an Uber driver account. While CDL training is helpful to apply for Uber, all that is required is an Arizona driver’s license in order to drive Uber in Arizona.


Uber Driver Requirements

- Arizona Driver’s License

- Minimum age of 21 years

- Pass a background check


How Do I Apply For Uber?

If you would like to drive Uber, the process is very simple! We would be happy to assist in setting up your Uber driver account. We have been through the process many times and can show you all the shortcuts and help with all Uber driver requirements.


Please contact us if you want to be an Uber driver. We can walk you through the application process, step by step. We can get you on the road and Uber driving as soon as possible.


If you would like to apply for Uber, contact us today!

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