The average full-time ridesharing driver drives 200+ miles per day. That translates to roughly 6000 miles per month and over 70,000 miles per year! Compare this to the average American driver who puts 10,000-15,000 miles per year on their vehicle.





There are many costs associated with high mileage driving such as this:

  • EXPENSIVE repairs bills

  • HEAVY vehicle deprecation

  • COSTLY regular maintenance

                      Example:         *Monthly oil and filter changes!

                                              *Tire changes every 2 months!

                                              *Constant regular wear item replacement (spark plus, belts, etc.)


Ridesharing drivers DEPEND on their vehicles for their income. Don't get caught without the money for $2000+ repair bill in order to get back on the road.

The avg rideshare driver puts 70,000 miles/year on their vehicle!

Don't stress! Let us worry about repairs!

1 year of ridesharing driving = 4 years regular driving!

That's 4 years of expensive repairs + depreciation!